LOVE ON THE TERRACES by Serious Drinking 
updated 28/02/13  

NICHT für Spielerfrauen, nicht für Mode Püppis, nicht für VIP Lounge Tussen, nicht für Anhängsel, nicht für „Sehen und Gesehen werden“ Schlampen…FÜR alle Mädels die aus den richtigen Gründen da sind!

Her name was Sharon
She came from Southend
With sister Karen
A little Skinhead
She liked Football
She liked Scooters
She liked a certain Ratio
She liked the Cockney Rejects
Outside the Stadium
By the River
Buying a Programme
And a silk Scarf
She had a nice Face
And long blond Hair
She wore a Tracksuit
She was beautiful
No goals at Halftime
Game as usual
On with the brass band
Boring Norwich Disco
The match got lively
And a goal went in
Another fight broke out
…then I saw Sharon…

Serious Drinking Love On The Terraces 7" Vinyl von 1982, SIDE A: "Love On The Terraces", SIDE B: "Hypocrite", "Bobby Moore Was Innocent", "He's An Angry Bastard (But I Like Him)", Label: Upright Records